The Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka kindly invites you to the ‘Wandering’ Final Event of the Phygital project. The event will take place on Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 of September in the wider area of the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka.


Conference Hall “Kostas Krystallis”, Sirrako, Northern Tzoumerka, Greece

Hotel “Orizontes” Pramanta, Northern Tzoumerka, Greece

Traditional Cafe “Platanos”, Northern Tzoumerka, Greece

Ellinikon Tavern “Karabas”, Northern Tzoumerka, Greece


Sirrako: Monday, September 14 2020, 19:00

Pramanta: Tuesday, September 15 2020, 13:30

Plaisia: Tuesday, September 15 2020, 17:30

Elliniko: Tuesday, September 15 2020, 19:30


Alexandros Pazaitis


Mobile: (+30) 6972916707



Invitation Flyer (EL)

Invitation Flyer (EN)